mardi 26 janvier 2010

Project 365 - January 26

Good morning,

Here is my participation for today.

Background is masking tape inked in light colors. I also recycled a piece of waxed paper I used to alcohol ink some Peel Off's stickers, as I thought the mask effect was too pretty to throw away. Finally, I added a couple of those Peel Off's. Hope you like it.

3 commentaires:

  1. Salut ! J'adore ta carte... Je viens de me joindre au défi 365 ATC ... On n'est pas loin une de l'autre... Je suis à Candiac.

    Je suis Frarin sur le site ATC's for all, référence France sur le défi ATC 365....

  2. hiya and i love it, would like to trade this with you...what about it?

  3. Tell you what Soulbrush, I'll trade with you. You also showed interest in my day 2 ATC. It's yours if you want it. I just couldn't find a link to e-mail you, so please e-mail to me directly, I'll add my address in my profile somewhere.

    France, bienvenue sur mon blog! Je suis bien contente de voir quelqu'un de mon coin de pays! Qui sait, peut-être pourrons-nous un jour organiser un groupe d'échange "live"!